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Mariia Vagner


Hello! I am an astropsychologist Mariia Vagner. I am a Master of Psychology and an Internationally Certified Astrologer.

Мария Вагнер Психотерапевт Астролог

I'm studied at the Kepler European Astrological University. I have been consulting in astrology for 15 years. Stars are my passion. Psychology also joined them in order to deepen and expand the possibilities of contact with customers. I like to accompany people in understanding and awareness of the possibilities of their life path. I constantly deepen my knowledge in astrology and psychology. I know that there is no limit to it, and I enjoy it. I attended many seminars by Bert and Sophie Hellinger, as well as teachers from the Hellinger School in Ukraine, Russia and Germany. I also continue my studies at Gestalt therapy. I communicate with my clients all over the world thanks to the internet.

How does it work in practice? In astrology, I start with the natal chart, which gives me the opportunity to understand what drives the clients, what are their predispositions and fears; how they build their relationships and many others with which we can work together. Furthermore, my psychological skills help me to interpret and find answers to client's questions and the possibilities of making changes in real life.

Of course, my life experience and overcoming crises in my life also help and drive me in my work.

I am sure that the wider and deeper we know ourselves, the happier we live and other people live with us.


You can write and call me directly, via Viber, WhatsApp and by number +380956938527. Welcome!

I will create a description of your psychological type, potential for your career development and relationships. An astrological consultation will help you to decide which education and profession are best for you; your relationship with money; how to build personal relationships; how to improve your emotional and psychological state; how to understand yourself better, etc.

For those who understand that it was no coincidence to be here, and that everything is interconnected. You will see and find out your mission, destiny, and will look into the causes and effects of your life.

Drafting synastry and composite - finding common ground; what you and your partner bring to each other and the possibilities of harmonizing your union. Both love relationships and business partners.

Based on your horoscope and planetary transit, we can find answers to questions that bother you.

We will see what the coming year is preparing for you, how best to get ready for it and realize the potential at this time.

We will work with emotional problems, identifying attitudes and blocks that prevent you from moving on. We will expand the horizons of your life, etc.

Selecting a date for a significant event is the best time for a wedding, starting a business, buying a property, etc.

You can present my consultation as a gift, but with the prior agreement of the gifted.

What data is needed for consultation:

The data needed for consultation includes day, month, year and city of birth, first name, last name and time of birth!

I will help you to see the talents, abilities and inclinations of your child; establish relationships in the family; show the child’s intellectual abilities and give you advice on how to develop them better.


Mariia Vagner: The Road to Happiness

About the “good girl syndrome”, about the cases in which we feel big and significant, and in which small ones, about the need to conduct regular “technical inspections” of our thoughts and feelings, about why people suddenly “leave” the relationship  about this and many others in interviews with astrologer Mariia Vagner, who practices a combination of astrology with psychology.

- Mariia, why did you choose the combination of precisely these two areas astrology and psychology?

To explain it schematically, the astrological aspect provides an understanding of where to move and in what period it is best to do, while psychological counseling provides accompanying and support along this path.

After all, astrology covers a lot of topics that you can work with, because the natal chart is a compass given to us from birth.

- In fact, it is driven inside and does not disappear anywhere ...

And then there are explosions. Incomprehensible to neither the person himself, nor even to those around him, as people say: “hits you out of the blue.” Exactly with these deeply hidden feelings we work with the client, “unpacking” them quietly, one might even say, we are engaged in “demining” in order to exclude previously programmed explosions.

- A certain passport ...

Exactly. Our space passport. And through astrology, we have the opportunity to understand what is happening to us in a given period. And we get the opportunity to build our next steps in the most diverse areas of our lives: business projects, career counseling, a change of work and personal life. We choose in which direction and at what time it is best to do this.

And parallel psychological support and support helps us to “unpack” those blocks that do not allow movement - our fears, doubts, insecurity.

But we are not talking about the fact that this accompaniment should replace personal, internal work. You know how people sometimes think that they will go to an astrologer and let him predict everything for them, but they will not do anything and withdraw themselves from all the responsibility for their future. No, that’s not how it works, of course, and I don’t take that responsibility on myself. Because miracles do not happen, you need to work to be happy.

- Prevention doesn’t mean a lot to us. Everyone knows that the room needs to be repaired from time to time, or that the car needs regular inspections. But for some reason we don’t think that the pantry of our thoughts and especially our feelings needs the same prevention. And besides, alas, it is not traditional for us to ask for help.

Yes. There is such a psychological moment: when we give, we feel great, significant, and when there is a need to ask, we feel so small, to insignificantly small.

- Your client is the one who is ready to work by himself in the first place?

Yes. My client is a conscious person who understands that there is a causal relationship between the place in which he is now and the efforts made, his actions and thoughts. Understanding your role in this process is crucial for laying your next routes in life.

For positive dynamics, it is very important not to be afraid of your own feelings, because feelings are also a compass. We somehow got used to the fact that, first of all, our knowledge and thoughts are important, and our feelings are secondary ... something accompanying, which does not have any great significance, moreover, it is better to hide them just in case. Especially those that we used to call negative feelings.

So many things we have in the shade. Anger is hidden; anger is not good. “The syndrome of a good girl” actually has a very devastating effect for the simple reason that we had to hide from everyone part of our feelings since childhood. Because in our culture they are considered to be negative, inappropriate for humans.

It is accepted to show joy, goodwill in public, but anger, resentment, disappointment are inappropriate, therefore we hide them deep inside, instead of giving them a way out.

- We perceive it this way: if you give, you are strong, and if you receive, you are weak. And in our society, weakness is not encouraged, but ashamed.

Yes, and this is also one of the moments that was once, under some circumstances, driven inside. When I release the lock and can ask for help, if I need to, I can give emotions a way out and breathe freely.

It is very important to have a knowledgeable person nearby, a specialist whom you can trust. It’s easy to fool yourself. Moreover, we are so arranged that each of us walks by inertia, spins in his own “wheel”, and even if you want to change something, it’s very difficult to go beyond this circle.

And in this case, you need a person from the outside. A specialist is needed to find, feel and see this way out, and then move on in a new way.

Or vice versa, we need him to suggest how not to lose that valuable and important that is in our life. For example, people important to us. It’s vital to notice and prevent crisis moments in the relationship in time. Indeed, sometimes a person quietly and imperceptibly “leaves” the relationship. He/she seems to be nearby, but he/she had already “left”. The reason is that something turned out to be unnoticed and not spoken. It is of the greatest importance to always clarify the relationship in time. Then, you can move on normally and calmly with this person. Or, even if you part with a person, such a clarification is no less important for gaining clarity and peace of mind.

- What advice would you give to the readers?

Do not be afraid to make a choice. Pay attention to your feelings and be attentive to yourself.


I am very glad that fate gave me 2 hours of communication here with such a wise and penetrating woman. Astropsychologist Mariia Vagner told me the details of my natal chart... and I was surprised how much someone could see of me from that angle. A lot of things have become apparent in my life processes. For me it was an acquaintance with my realities; how to use them and what to do.
Daria Lisich
Thank you for the opportunity to be the subject of events of universal scale. Maria is an amazingly charming girl and a professional in her field!!! Happy to meet you and, at the same time, happy to start an exciting journey into the world of previous embodiments.
Evgenia Glebova
It is powerful, truthful and targeting! I found confirmation of many of my directions. I have no doubts where their remnants were still, regarding the priorities in my professional activity. I heard so many interesting things about my planets! It is very exciting, for example, to learn about your qualities (states) in terms of the nature of the planets and hear it in your way of interpretation. And the places of the so-called tension were confirmed again, and it was very important to designate them from the point of view of the planets in order to draw attention to them, to give them their special recognition. And the most important thing that I felt was that everything which is laid down by the forecast is not a sentence. Everything is in my hands if I go my way with open eyes and an open heart! Your technique for reading astrological predictions was a very supportive and inspiring experience!
Natalia Zavaliy
First of all, THANK YOU! I am grateful to fate for Mariia, apparently, meeting you wasn’t an accident!)) ... Thank you for our individual communication, even poor connection did not prevent me from feeling those confidence and understanding that everything once passes, and this shall pass... I felt my Guardian Angel, whose wings once again helped me to raise my head and see the Sun that shines brightly and shows me the path of my happy life!
Lusine Akopyan
Dear Mariia, I want to thank you again for such urgent and high-quality help. Your professionalism and experience allow me to breathe freely every time. For so many years of psychological support, I’ve realized that I’m happy to have such an opportunity and a possibility to work in difficult situations, as you. With all my heart, thank you!
Olga Rebrova

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